23 April 2022

Four Poems by Mark Young

a normal casual Linux subreddit


Smallish mongoose; pointed

face; solitary, in pairs or small

groups. Slightly diminishing

the polar distance. The history

teacher lectured us every day,

did not sacrifice the quality

of her scorn for speed, her words

at first awakened horror but

continued abuse became mere

recitation. Something about a

dead horse, diurnal floggings.



Dancing on the ceiling


Almost one million

people selling sauerkraut

showed up in

relational databases


News outlets put

the same sort of spin on it

as they do with the the fact

that acne-prone people

should avoid tuna in case

they react badly to it


Rocks simply weather

into a layer of dust

so thick that a truck

can get stuck in it


Any empirical &/or

hypertextual evaluation

of this information

& the development of


future-proof secondary packaging

for the pharmaceutical industry

shows only that one should

be wary of false premises.



A line from Dave Grohl


The rules place strict limits on

self-driving car technology —

it's one of the reasons I dropped

out of school. No one wanted


to know about my new lawn or

how segregation among economic

groups is growing. When a com-

pany looks too good to be true,


it usually is. No one-size-fits-all

solution. We saw the challenges

facing our cities, the accompanying

housing crises, saw how the movie


star acted in real life, that moment

of triumph when she left a complex

& messy place to start a new diet.

Now she's become a terrible bore.



The kraken is


a fatwa that prohibits the killing of frogs

the smallest member of the Sciaenidae family of drums

a source of large hydrocarbon molecules

actually good for your hands

the proud new owner of a Sun Fast 3600

a dead server lol


more famed or feared or strangely real than the tortilla

new to the whole home studio thing

an essay on the genesis of adventitious lung sounds

a common ingredient of sausages

warm & purrs like a cat when stroked

experiencing minor expansion & shrinkage cracking


a thermal decomposition process

becoming something of a staple at Easter celebrations in Australia

depicted as an old imp in a second childhood

the purveyor of a great range of headphones

a university researcher

an aging bag of juicing apples


un expert mondial des câbles et systèmes de câblage

heard with voice feedback

one of life's great pleasures

in a state of hibernation

an anthology on food & drink by fellows of the Royal Society

more bang for your buck


a portable, rugged, self-contained integrated base defense system

sinful, delicious, & very moreish

opening new classic ether (ETC) markets

a baroque gathering of international gamers

an elusive beast

a valid scrabble word

15 April 2022

Two Poems by Stacy Black

Colony Collapse

Heavens wilt.
No more that greeny
flower. Now is the era
of the decommissioned
moving van
and soon the president
of unpopped kernels
he of the beady eye
will arrive.
Tomorrow will be time
for everything
which takes everything
but requires next
to nothing. We are called
to nothing. Dunes
of litter. These
fucking people
says everybody. What
bees are left vomit honey
and everybody loves it
but it’s not for anybody.

Revere the Founders
All these scarecrows and no place to sow.
Our ancestors knew a thing or two
but it’s too late to ask them now. They did all right
before fading into desire incognito,
leaving us froggy-eyed to our gaping lives. We demand
clean water! with alcohol in it! We demand it
of all these reapers moving about our narrow pen,
desperate for something to reap.