12 March 2023

Four Poems by Mark Young

c'est / la durée / de cette vidéo


                    The episode's encoding

          is complete. An elaborate

                     mortuary assemblage &

               a trip to Tunisia to play

                        with food have been

                  edited out; a choreo-

                graphed routine in which

            pacifists with pollinators

                        are pitted against naval

                    commandos armed with

                      photo-chemical smog

                has been added. A

                    birds-eye view of the

                              surrounding area is

                reflected in a mirror.



The military connection


In the summer months we're

meant to be eating only


coleslaw, bow-tie pasta, or

any leftover freeze-dried


B-Boy dance technique. So

what is this funky t-shirt


from Gourd Weaving Sup-

plies doing in my menagerie?



After Aristotle (4)


Can there be : an infinite

process : with a beginning


in the water — air comes

from water, earth from

water — always some.

          Other kind.

                     The boy does

not come : from : the man


but from a learner / a man

of science is being made.


The former

                   must have

an end. That


exists after the

                   coming to be.



& / the liners / are machine washable


Our round nesting dog

               beds are comfortable,

                             versatile, provide a

colorful metaphor for the

              immune system, & are

                             custom made to fit your

phone perfectly. Nonethe-

              less, a central characteristic

                             of US imperialism in the

early 21st century is how

              they have been employed

                             alongside the claim of an

absolute prerogative to

              act as a sovereign power

                             that stands above all others.