02 November 2021

Three Poems by Brian J. Alvarado

mayday parade

the air tonight in collins drum filled glass

vanilla ice cream under pressure screams 

red hot chili pepper jams with sting

let jimmy eat the rich confusing world 

a marmosets it off as one suggests

a ‘roo makes spinaroonies cool again

the elephant and hierophant plié 

and whiskey tango foxtrot could be next?

if whack-a moles could only harmonize

to lie in wait like roman candle troops

igniting endless wicks of ticket rolls

a cirque flambé with cotton candy plumes

a carnival of excess—carousels,

both forging and destroying revolutions

mortar in epistle, ossia in not so many words

a snail mail trail that tails stale railroad tracks 

to whom it may concern, a doe, a dear,

a dodo rhea mufasa latte doe

a cock-a-doodle doo coo coo ca choo

to filibuster further would entail

iambic trochee pterodactyl rawr

an anapestic curveball foot to boot

a buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo

uh testing, 1,2,3- is this thing on?

the knob goes to 11 on this bit

this ad(-lib) ends in 5-4-3-2-1…


a volta must emerge from the fracas

this couplet incomplete without you. ‘hi.’

it’s wednesday night, and you know what that means

a wilder thing emerges from the void

a short and wide tasmanian devil corpse

caught in unmasked excalibur’s riposte

will thunder light a beastly rose once more?

katana kindles broken tamashii 

an undefeated streak of jaded gilt

digs ruby root canals in UFOs

come pentagon and phoenix kingdom come

to fear the revelation of the proud

and powerful the party dawns elite 

jurassic goes express to hollywood

debut a sacrificial factory nightmare

to feed a hungry lunatic enthroned


Brian J. Alvarado